Acharya Tulsi International Preksha Meditation Center:

The most esteemed “ACHARYA TULSI INTERNATIONAL PREKSHA MEDITATION CENTER”, is spread on a land of 3.94 acres (Approx) in the Jain Vishva Bharati, Ladnun, and Rajasthan, India. The complex is comprise basically for Preksha Meditation, as the same suggests, supported by teaching & preaching spaces for the same, accommodate of the students with dining facility.

The built form comprise of the main Meditation Hall Block, which forms the “Sanctum” and the major supporting facilities as the Annexe Block. The Meditation hall block is placed almost at the middle toward south, amidst coming greenery and reflective pools. The Annexee Block is placed as a backdrop at the northern part. The blocks are placed axially with a reflective pool separating the two blocks which is physically representative of the process of purifying oneself prior to entering into the higher planes of education & spirituality.

Meditation Hall Block:

The Hall is a two level structure on a square base with a feel of a floating pyramid. Square is the purest form in plan & ideal for meditation. Pyramid is one of the timeless ancient & purest form which is conducive to positive evolution of mental & spiritual energies. The Pyramid is further elevated & extended in outline to have floating effects and acts as a metaphor for mental elevation through preksha meditation. The main first floor is rested on a lower ground floor.

The lower ground floor houses a lecture hall, two class rooms (each of which can be split into equal smaller rooms)

Irya Path (Interesting Ramp):

There is a very interesting and comfortable open ramp along with a stairs on the northern side of the Meditation block to reach the meditation hall at 1st floor (at 11ft. height). These ramps and stairs are hidden & are not in the view of this pristine block from the main roads.

Location and contact:

Acharya Tulsi International Preksha Meditation Center
Jain Vishva Bharati, Landnun-341306,
Dist. - Nagaur (Rajasthan)
Phone : 01581-226080

Meaningful Meditation, Greater Understanding
Equanimous thought is balanced thought. Any kind of superiority or inferiority complex results in perverted thinking. The criterion for wholesome thinking is to determine whether thought is born of equanimity...

Do You Know ?
The practice of deep breathing cleans the lungs, improves the functioning of the liver and the stomach, widens the Spinal channel and activates the electric currents passing through it. This in trun strengthens the knowledge centers in the brain.

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