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Preksha Meditation

Thanks to Preksha Meditation, I have been able to see myself and understand that I’m not just a body filled with emotions, habits, etc. but something bigger and better. With the help of Preksha Meditation I have learned to control my emotions, habits and I will continue practicing the same. One more important thing I’d like to mention is that now it has become easier and more interesting to be sociable and friendly with people. I have realized that if I want others to treat me well I must treat them well too.
– Litvinova Dorothy
Rostov-on the Don city, Russia
The experience of Preksha Meditation has given me:
“Liberation and purification of my soul. Relief from accumulated emotional problems. The method of concentration of my attention. The way has been shown for the development of my spirituality. Thank you so much!
– Brusilovskiy Grigory,
Lyantor city, Russia
Today Preksha Meditation has purified me from pain, sufferings and fear. I have learned to relax, I have experienced new perception: great calmness, silence, light, purity, soft gladness and endless blissfulness, transistorizes of earthly and eternity of spirit, power of eternal and weakness of temporary. The truth and spiritual journey are connected with each other.

– Usacheva Eva,
Voronezh city, Russia

I have realized that I should perceive myself, change myself, find myself, come to myself and leave myself to see myself. I have begun to change relation to myself, to purify myself inside and outside (i.e. my thought and my physical body).

– Licheva Ludmila,
Ust-Kamenogorsk, Kazakstan

Preksha Yog (Yogasan Pranayam)

I experienced the benefits of practicing Preksha Meditation both at physical and mental levels. The yogic exercises and postures performed prior to the meditation made my body flexible, removed backache, normalized my blood pressure, and improved my working efficiency. The impact of Preksha Meditation was more profound at the mental level. I could reduce my general irritations, monotony, and lack of interest in the work. I could manage with my emotions more comfortably than ever before. I could face adverse situations with ease

– Dr. Uttam Kothari
MD (Child health), FICP (SW), India

I had fallen down from the height of 8 feet, after practicing Preksha Meditation my leg pain has vanished.
Pramila Singhvi
I got benefit at spiritual, mental and physical level and feel well being. Yoga, H.R.E., Pranayama, theory and practice and demonstration were excellent. I will inform others to attend this camp

– Major D. S. Dham (Retd.) M.A., L.L.B
1171, Sector-37, Noida

I was suffering from backache since 1990 and now I feel 75 % relief after attending Preksha camp. It has given me a new energy during my work.

Babulal Banthiya

The camp has a good exposer to cure diseases efficiently by yogic exercises, Dhyana, simple and proper diet. This camp has been successful in changing lifestyle to prevent and cure diseases and to make a person worthy of leading good life.
– Satya Prakash Gangwal
Retd. Suptd. Engineer U. P. Jal Nigam,
E9/1, DLF Phase- I DLF City, Gurgaon, Haryana
Preksha Therapy
In my view the main purpose of this camp was to revert the person from allopathic side to meditation and yoga as in allopath there is not treatment accept to keep the patient on medicine which have so many side effects or advice him for surgery. Due to side effects of medicine the patient suffers from many other consequences which means these side effects creates some other diseases. So we need to revert the persons towards such Preksha Meditation, Yoga or towards the Indian systems. With the co-operation of other social institution these camps should be organized in different cities, not only in Delhi but in other neighbor states
– Deep Chand Tak (M.A. L.L.B., Accountant)
1B, Narayan Vihar, Housing Board Road Kishangarh, Distt.- Ajmer, Rajasthan
As a result of practicing of preksha-mediation I have been able to surmount my emotional problems: fear, irritation and depression. I have learned to get rid of stress. Meditation has helped me to feel the true joy from my life; I have been able to surmount attachments to many things and public opinion. I have become free from my illness and problems
– Iancilaites Tatyana
Kurgan city, Russia
Cigarette- de-addiction
I could free myself from the habit of cigarette smoking. I learned the correct way of breathing. I can easily concentrate wherever I desire. Long breathing has alleviated my stomach-ache. I have left my morning tea. I have better control over anger. I will lead a better life now.
Ram Gopal, India
Practicing Preksha Meditation my mind has become stress free. I have left all bad habits such as smoking, having junk food, drugs
– S. Hastimal Gadia,
Park town Chennai
My experiences are surprising. I was in camp with my wife and children. My wife has asthma and skin problem. Now practicing Preksha Meditation she is well. Before that I had tried allopathic, homeopathic, ayurvedic no specific results came out. But now we are happy to have this spiritual technique
– M. Kishor Sanchati,
Kanchipuram, Chennai
I have got rid of anger and troubles. I have got calmness and equilibrium. My health is better now. I trust in light future

– Chernova Ludmila,
Ust-Kamenogorsk, Kazakstan

It is very informative lifestyle change programme. I have felt peace of mind, health rejuvenation in all aspects and positive thinking. My self confidence has developed and family understanding is improved. I will inspire the heart patients to join this programme. All arrangement in the camp was very well
– Shivkarannath Shrivastava
Red. General manager (Engineer)
50, Chitra Vihar, Delhi – 92
High BP
My blood pressure has gone down (reduced to normal). My pulse rate has decreased which was high. My breathing has decreased as it was above 20. My continuous heaviness in my head has decreased considerably. I will definitely inform others to join the camp
– Krishan Gopal Mittal
Chemical Engineer D/25/3, Circular Road Dalanwal,
Dehradun, U.P
I am studying engineering, due to achieving my aim I have forgotten myself and was in deep stress. Constant high blood pressure has caught me because of stress. But now my blood pressure is normal and also has a full concentration in study. I would like to pay my thanks and services to Preksha Meditation
– Arvind Sharma
It has been good experience regarding how to live life better. I learnt to reverse heart disease, reduce blood pressure and rejuvenate the life. Also learnt to see inside, and guide the life in day to day situations. In my opinion the camp is successful in its aim to reverse the diseases of heart diabetes and high B.P.
– (Retd.) Maj. R. P. Singh, BA
10, A/C, Vasant Kunj, New Delhi – 110070


I have learned to relax. I have not been able to do it earlier. Now I have quite new perceptions. I think that I’ll become more experienced in future.
– Skudarnov Vladimir
Ust-Kamenogorsk, Kazakstan
We all are puzzled in our daily life so we are unable to make concentration in meditation. But practicing Preksha Meditation now I am able to concentrate. It is my belief that one can release his stresses and pressures through this practice. I have increased my concentration, mental satisfaction
– N. Rakesh, Mumbai

Internal trip

In Preksha Meditation camp I have realized of vital energy stored in our body, due to which we are active. I believe that it will be easy for me to fulfill my ambitions and to increase my confidence
– Kunal

Perception of breathing

I was surprised by this method and liked it very much. Preksha Meditation was a genuine revelation for me. I’m now able to learn relaxation and like it very much that a lot of emphasis is put on long breathing in Preksha Meditation. In my opinion, practice of long breathing is very important thing for every human being. Preksha Meditation is indeed very interesting and astonishing practice. It gives me a boost for spiritual development. People can get rid of their ‘Karmas’ which means that they’ll be able to get rid of all illness, sufferings and stressful situations in life. Preksha Meditation helps ordinary people to be kind, to smile and to keep calm. Besides everybody practicing Preksha-meditation can find his own ‘SELF
– Baideldinova Raushan
UST- Kamenogorsk, Kazakstan
I have learned to relax in any situation. I have got knowledge about right breathing. Processes in my entire organism have been harmonized.
– Borodino Nina,Raga city, Latvia
The practice of Preksha Meditation helps me to be more attentive, trains my concentration. It also helps me to control passions, not to pay attention to the irritating situations or to avoid them at all.
– Tveretinov Igor, Mascow, Russia

Perception of body

I have understood that body and soul are different from each other. My consciousness has become more enlightened and I begun to control my behavior. I think that the trip to India will be the beginning of new period in my life. I’ll be propagate preksha meditation to all people who need true knowledge
– Makarova Olga,
Jukovskiy city, Russia

Perception of psychic centers

It was first time to practice meditation, and the experience is unforgettable. Practice of perception of center of enlightenment, given the feeling of presence in another world. My entire body became light through the practice of kayotsarga.
– Asha M. Achha,


The experience of Preksha Meditation has given me the sense of inner joy and light. It is the first and the most important thing. Now I have not many attachments. I do not want to get material values. I will wish to have yesterday
– Ponomapeva Anna,
Kurgan city, Russia
The experience of Preksha meditation has given me to examine myself in toleration, in ability to look at situations impartial. I have become more attentive and convinced of myself
– Gaults Elena,
Kurgan city, Russia

Mantra meditation

I have got additional knowledge about removing of blockades of energy with help of Preksha Meditation. I have learned some methods of preksha meditation: mudras, recitation of arham and mahapranadhvani, kayotsarg. I have known many interesting and useful exercises for the development of physical body
– Shpet Ludmila,
Lzmail city, Ukraine

Posture (Mudra)

Preksha Meditation camp given us knowledge of spirituality, behaviour, emotions, meditation, mantra, asanas, pranayama etc. It is a new sun rays for my future
– Dharmraj Chopra

Perception of the present moment

The experience of preksha meditation has helped me to know the inner world, to concentrate on the present moment. I have feeling of calmness and firm belief in myself. I perceive pure soul in myself. The practice of preksha meditation is interesting because there is some perception of new vibration every time. By all means I’ll practice by myself and learn the interesting and useful world of preksha meditation.
– Beketova Marianna,
Belgord City, Russia
My business has been taken over, after that I was is deep stress and also was behaving nonsense. But now after practicing Preksha Meditation I feel detached from materialism. Preksha has taught me to live in present and now I am happy to live in present and feeling internal peace.
– Kamlesh Daga

Perception of thoughts

I experienced inner peace. Preksha meditation taught me how a person can see his inner self. I learned to live in presence and live with positive thinking
– Sobha Nahata

Animesh Preksha

Preksha Dhyan has helped me in rejuvenating the lost link to spirituality with Preksha. I am sure to see a positive change in my day to day behaviour and enhance my life. The techniques of Antaryatra, kayotasarg, Animesh Preksha are directly related to events to events that occur in personal and professional life.
– Vikas Jain

Preksha Camp

This was an excellent camp for health and mind. I have learned how to live better and can improve my quality of life. The camp coverage was beyond my expectation. The programme of camps were planned and conducted in a excellent way.
– Jagadish Mukhi (M.L.A.)
1, Satya Sadan Chanakyapuri, New Delhi
This camp has helped me to know the self through Preksha Meditation and to remain fit and healthy through Yoga exercises. To achieve the ultimate aim through relaxation and meditation was inspiring. I also learned to control my food habits. I will tell my relatives and friends about this camp
– Dr. S.P. Agrawal (M.A. Ph.D.)
CII.132 Janakpuri, New Delhi
The main purpose of this camp was to teach Preksha Meditation for a healthier lifestyle. We also learned yoga exercise to keep fit and Kayotsarga (deep relaxation) to relax and free from tension. The food served was healthy and wholesome. The teachers are well trained and Guru ji is a very inspiring, knowledgeable and always ready to help everyone
– Kamla Agrawal (M.A. BEd.)
CII.132 Janakpuri ,New Delh
I have been to the camp for the second time. My life, my relation to life, relatives, friends and soon have changed for 100 percent. I have become more reserved. I take meditated decisions and have begun to work at myself. And people around me have noticed.
– Istyagin Alexander,
Jukovskiy city, Russia
It is my first time to attend Preksha meditation camp. I have learned to relax, espically my inner organs. I liked yoga exercises. At first I want to learn the practice by myself and then to teach others
– Shydullina Fanuza,
Nijnecamsk, Tatarstan, Russia
I didn't know the meaning of Preksha. I used to feel many questions in my mind before joining the camp. But I have got all answers after joining the camp. I have learned yoga and meditation. I got opportunity to know about my internal power.
– Khusbu Hastimal Jain,
Borivali, Mumbai
I have joined your Preksha Meditation Heart Disease Reversal Programme camp. I feel my confidence to become healthy is improved. I feel free from all tensions. The training was adequate and programme was excellent
– G. A. Khan
(B.E. Civil) Government Servant
65A. Okhla, Zamia Nagar
I am thinking that this camp will transform my total lifestyle in future. In this camp I have learned about Anuvrat, Preksha Dhyan and how to save oneself from the diseases by self-controlling life. This is also helpful in developing physical mental and emotional side of the life and get rid from the diseases and to start a new lifestyle through which a person can have full development and through the person the society and the nation will get changed. I wish I may come again as a refresher along with my family, friends and children. I will keep constant with you.
– Ramesh Chandra Jain (B.E. Civil)
Retired AC from CPW Govt. of India
C-7/176, S.D.A. Hauz Khas, New Delhi - 16
I enjoyed the camp in all aspects. I would like to join to again. I feel the purpose of the camp is health, peace of mind & spiritual gain. I have learnt H.R.E. Preksha Meditation and regularity in daily routine. Time of 7 days was not sufficient for the camp. All arrangement was excellent
– M.S. Sandhu
Excecutive Engineer (Elct.) CPWD
24, Dhruva Appt. 4, I.B. Extension. Patparganj, Delhi - 92

Become a Trainer

All the different component of Preksha Meditation is taught easily. In future I will practice these entire components myself. I believe that through the practice of Preksha meditation one can achieve mental, physical and emotional health.
– Rajendra Kumar Nahar,

Tulsi Adhyatma Needam

This institute is doing wonderful service by imparting Adhyatmic training which is valuable to change the life style. I feel fearless and it has helped me in building my character. The infrastructural facilities and faculty were excellent and very well.
– Hari Dev Bhatt
Bsc. Hons. Retired Meteorologist
67, Mausam Vihar, New Delhi - 5
The benefits of this compare kayotsarga & Preksha Meditation. Infrastructure including food, accommodation, cleanliness and behavior of the staff is good. There is a scope of improvement in the design and running the course
– V. Kumar Retd. Wg. Cdr. I. A. F. E
B 19. Maya Enclave, New Delhi
I have the improvement in general health and concentration. In my opinion camp objective have been fulfilled very well. Accommodation cleanliness and behavior of the staff is excellent. I will spread the message among relatives and friends.
– Inderjit Gaoba
Director in Central Electricity Authority Govt. India
F-21, Swati Appt. 12, Pataprganj. Delhi - 92
The atmosphere and environment of this kenda (Ashram) is very very healthy and excellent. This camp has the aim to develop inner mind, change the lifestyle and to have the physical strength. Mental peace stability and more I got which cannot be expressed in writing. I will inspire others to join the camp
– Sagarmal Agrawal (Businessman)
Sohel Niwas, Chatri Bari Road Guhati - 1, Assam
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