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i realized there is point in ourseleves..point of ego..can say our swabimaan..n root of all problems... venever..any1 hurts it then v get disturbed....wht is fct about this? i realized following meditation practices in daliy life in behaviour.cannot compete in 2day's life..bcz people around us very diff..have diff views..i mean some kind of selfish..then how can v deal with these situatios? Actually i relized my vinmarta(dont know wts is exact name) is creating problem a lot for me.. and in has gone deep inside me..very difficult 2 get return there from..but 2 day life u must have some harshness..abilities 2 say no where it is needed..and no so much adjustment requried? othwise people get used 2 it and expect more adjustment from u...hope u understand what i mean 2 say..
  - lalit Post Reply!    10/Aug
  I agree that ego or 'I' is a major problem. In hindi we can better call it as 'Ahankaar'. Many problem come with this false identification of 'I' and self/soul. When we start
  - Amit Jain     12/Aug
  thank u very much..Amit...its really a meaning reply..thnx
  - lalit     14/Aug
  Mr. Lalit you have raised a very interesting issue. Well with meditation you can become aware and accept your individuality, you can destroy your whole ego, and discover your being. And that discovery is the greatest discovery possible, because it starts a totally new pilgrimage towards nothingness, ultimate bliss, towards eternal life! Individuality is your incomparable uniqueness: Individuality is beautiful; Ego is comparison. Ego is your invention. To be an egoist is to be very disrespectful towards yourself. To be an individual is perfectly good. Dismantle the whole ego! The ego is not you. Unless you drop the ego, you will never come to know yourself. Meditation is spiritual suicide. In meditation you drop the very idea of the self, even of the supreme self. You become a nothingness...and in that nothingness blooms divinity!! The moment you realize your Divine pure origin, no man-made rules can hold you back from becoming all you dream. Choose to set yourSelf free from within!!
  - Archana Jain     18/Aug
Can a person suffering from tuberculosis or leprosy or heart disease nd weak eye sight do tratak?
  - Ammy Post Reply!    22/Aug

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