Pavanamuktasana (Gas releasing posture)
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Lie down on your back.
Stretch your legs out straight.
Place your hands beside the body, 4 to 6 inches away from the trunk.
Note :
This posture can be done with one leg at a time (Ardhapavanamuktasana),
or with both legs together (Pavanamuktasana)
While inhaling raise the right leg about 2 to 3 inches from the floor.
Take that leg to the right side, and then bring it down in a straight line.
While inhaling, bend the leg at the knee, bring it close to the chest and touch the heel to the buttock.
While exhaling, clasp the fingers together at the knee, and touch the nose to the knee.
While inhaling, lower the neck to the floor.
While exhaling, release the fingers and stretch the right leg straight. Repeat the process using the left leg.
  Three to five minutes.
  To perform this posture with both legs together, follow the same pattern of lifting and movement but move both legs together, bend both legs together, and position the nose between the knees rather than touching one knee or another.
This posture releases excessive gas from accumulating in the abdomen.
It affects the entire system of the body, and strengthens the digestive system, purifies impure air, helps in diabetes, high blood pressure and belching.
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