Singhasana (Lion pose)

The shape of this asana is like a lion, hence the name.

position.gif   siha.gif
Sit on the heels with the knees underneath.
Place the palms next to the knees.
While exhaling, hang the tongues out from the mouth.
Exhale with full force, making the sound "aaa" so that the face and chest become red.
  Thirty seconds up to three minutes.
It makes the whole body active, makes the voice sweet and improves clarity of speech.
It also improves eyesight.

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Do You Know ?
The aim of sadhana is to divert the energies of the body and the mind towards the knowledge centers and to strengthen and activate them. What happens ordinarily is the opposite of this. The practitioner has to affect an upward flow of these energies through the spinal channel.

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