Asana - Mahavirasana
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Stand erect and keep the feet about two feet apart.
Take hands backward, crossing the arms at the elbows.
Extend the left leg one-foot ahead.
While exhaling, bend the head and touch the toes with the forehead.
Retain this pose for a while. Inhaling, come to the original position repeat with the right leg extended.
  Thirty second to three minutes.
It relieves pain of the knees and legs, reduces obesity of the abdomen and waist and increases tolerance power.
Internal Manifests First, Then Comes the External
To take an internal trip and see the goings on there is Preksha Dhyan. We tend to burden our minds. We presume that X is good while Y is bad; one thing is agreeable, another disagreeable: that A is a friend while B is...

Do You Know ?
The practice of deep breathing cleans the lungs, improves the functioning of the liver and the stomach, widens the Spinal channel and activates the electric currents passing through it. This in trun strengthens the knowledge centers in the brain.

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