Preksha Co-ordinators

Preksha Vahini Co-ordinators:

Location Co-ordinator Name Contact Number
Preksha Vahini Delhi Raj Gunecha 09268729037
Preksha Vahini Mumbai Ratan Sial 09821659565
Preksha Vahini Chennai Suraj Dhoka 09381001574
Preksha Vahini Surat Lalit Dugad 09327386335
Preksha Vahini Cuttack Pravin Pugalia 09861366553
Preksha Vahini Raipur Surendra Oswal 09425285121
Preksha Vahini Jaipur Gaurav Mandot 09829065700
Preksha Vahini Jodhpur Sarita Kankaria 09829024782
Preksha Vahini Titilagarh Suresh Jain 09437036494
Preksha Vahini Suryanagar Dr. Narendra Sharma 09136209161
Preksha Vahini Ichalkaranji Vikas Surana 09326021312
Preksha Vahini Bikaner Kishanlal Baid 09783828402
Preksha Vahini Bangalore Pushpa Ganna 09686366250
Preksha Vahini Delhi-1 Kavita Surana 09818939020
Preksha Vahini Delhi-2 Sarita Chopda 09868716701
The anekanta of meditational practice
Circumstances are not everything. To put all the blame on it is not fair. Circumstances can be changed and they will change, but what happens to the emotional system within? How can that...

Do You Know ?
Practice of Perception of bright white color at the center of enlightenment (center of forehead) cures anger from root, pacifies emotional anxieties and gives mental peace, tranquility and bliss.

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