Adhyatma Sadhna Kendra

Kendra conducts two health camps every month for persons suffering from Heart Disease, Diabetes and Hypertension and other chronic ailments. Activities include, daily guided meditation sessions, Yoga classes, Naturopathy treatments , Kayotsarga (Deep Relaxation) and color therapies to treat physical ailments such as heart disease, diabetes, asthma, obesity, arthritis, psychosomatic problems and other ailments. One-Day workshops on Preksha Meditation are also conducted, which include short training in Kayotsarga (Relaxation), Dhyana (Meditation), Anupreksha (Contemplatipn) and LeshyaDhyana (Color Meditation) for emotional purification and bliss.


The Kendra offers a vast range of facilities for the benefit of guests and meditation seekers:

Green Campus: The Kendra is situated in a lush green campus which makes for a serene and rejuvenating environment for visitors and camp participants.

Halls: The Kendra has a large 18,000 sqft. Hall with seating capacity for 3000 persons where national and international yoga camps, spiritual seminars and health camps are organized. Three additional halls with seating capacity of 1500 persons each are also available, alongside the spacious and relaxing Meditation Hall, the soundproof Mantra Sadhna Hall and the Conference Hall (seating capacity of 40 persons) are also available.

Auditorium: The Kendra has a furnished, fully air-conditioned auditorium with a seating capacity of 400 persons for presentation ceremonies and screenings.

Accupressure Track: A cobblestone acupressure track is laid out in the campus for the use of patients undergoing acupressure therapy at the Kendra.

Homeopathy Clinic: The Kendra has the facility of a homeopathic clinic managed by a qualified homeopathic physician, providing free homeopathic consultation and medicines to patients.

Academic Courses: The Kendra also conducts a 6-month certificate courses with internship training in Yoga, Preksha Meditation, and Naturopathy under the Jain Vishva Bharati University, Ladnun (Rajasthan) for graduate students desirous of pursuing a career in yoga and meditation.

Research Work: Various health research projects by renowned physicians and researchers are also being carried out through the support of the Kendra.

Laboratory: For in-house routine resting of blood samples of patients and camp participants, a fully-equipped hematological and pathological lab is also coming up at the Kendra.

Residential Halls: The Kendra offers residence facility for camp participants with 47 double-bedded deluxe air-conditioned rooms with attached bath, 50 double-bedded air-conditioned rooms with attached bath, and 61 double-bedded normal rooms with shared bath.

Dining Hall and Kitchen: A spacious dining hall with a seating capacity of 100 persons is available at the Kendra, which serves pure vegetarian, nutritious and wholesome food made using natural spices. The kitchen is also being renovated to provide clean and hygienic food preparation area for 1000 persons.

Naturopathy Centre: The Kendra boasts of a fully equipped Naturopathy centre managed by professional naturopathy doctors and a support staff of well-trained and qualified male and female therapists. The Naturopathy centre provides treatment for ailments such as hypertension, chronic constipation, obesity, low back pain, skin problems, etc.

Library: The Kendra’s library has more than 5000 books and magazines on various subjects related to yoga, meditation, health care and religion.

Our Treasure: At the Kendra, there is a highly qualified and experienced in-house team of yoga and Preksha Dhyaan instructors who give discourses on Preksha Meditation and Yoga Lifestyle to camp participants and other patients.

Miscellaneous: 24-hour power supply, clean and safe drinking water, lift facility, play area for children, and book shop are available for use of all camp participants and guests at the Kendra.

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