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Preksha Meditation is the practice of purifying our emotions and our conscious (chitta) and realizing our own self. Preksha Meditation is a technique of mediation for attitudinal change, behavioral modification and integrated development of personality.
It leads to a life, which is balanced, blissful and full of peace; free from stress and enlightened in all respects. It helps to connect with your soul at its most profound level, achieving a state of super consciousness and increased concentration


Preksha Meditation is a path of self awakening and self realization. The process of Preksha Meditation puts you in touch with enlightenment, peace of mind and simple clarity.


Kayotsarg is a tool for self-purification and realization. It helps to reduce physical, mental, emotional, intellectual stress and anxiety. Kayotsarg leads to a happy, peaceful and contented life.


Mantra Meditation is a powerful ancient practice. It affects the chemistry of the body and mind. Mantra meditation awakens consciousness and enlightenment.


Anupreksha is full concentration on a single conception. This is an efficient process of ascertaining the reality. Ancient philosophers and seers used these tools extensively for realizing the Truth.

Preksha Meditation: Four Step Meditation

Online Meditation

Preparation for Meditation
  • Select a calm and clean place for meditation
  • Use a mat for sitting during meditation practice
Posture of Body

There are four common sitting postures:

  1. Lotus position (Padmaasan)
  2. Half-lotus position (Ardha-padmaasan)
  3. Simple cross-legged position (Sukhaasan)
  4. Diamond position (Vajraasan)
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23rd International Preksha Meditation Camp

International Preksha Meditation Camp is unique pathway to enter in world of soul healing and nurture ourselves with utmost joy and prosperity.

Auspicious presence: Acharya Mahashraman
Date: 21st to 28th October 2024
Venue: Surat, India

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Preksha Meditation: Kayotsarg

Voice of Experience

  • It gave me opportunity to get relief from tension, to improve concentration and attention. I became more self-confident and I have got rid of anger, fears and insults. Now I have more energy. I became more pacify while having meditation class.
    Berezhnaya Nataliya
    Kiev, Ukraine
  • 1) I have learnt how to cope with my emotions and became more patient to irritating factors; 2) I have learnt how to breath; 3) My life became more interesting, I have more success in work and in private relations; 4) I can get relief from physical pain and emotional tiredness; 5) Finally I have lost weight.
    Dmitry Lunin
    Moscow, Russia
  • I am very satisfied with the Preksha Meditation Camp. The relaxation technique was also very good and I absolutely loved the yoga classes. In general I think we are just blessed having this opportunity. I hope I can attend more training in the future.
    Oole Sunter
    Aracena, Spain

Preksha Therapy

Preksha Therapy employs a holistic approach towards the mental, emotional, psychological and physical health. It is a proper and powerful therapy to annihilate the root causes of all social evils and disorders. Once the root causes of physical diseases, mental imbalances and emotional distortions are removed, there will emerge a state of unprecedented individual and social health.
The main objective of Preksha Therapy is just not to acquire physical goodness but to acquire Holistic health


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Preksha International is a non-profit, spiritual, educational, charitable and humanatarian organisation dedicated to serving the society. It is one of the eminent founder institution of Indian Yoga Association.
Its mission is to spread awareness of benefits and practise of spirituality and Preksha Meditation at the barest corner of the globe.
The camps and workshops organised by Preksha International have helped millions around the world to overcome stress, depression and violent tendencies and elevated their actions towards a better world.

We are available at: India | USA | UK | Holland | Russia | Ukraine | Japan | Kazakhstan | Singapore | UAE | Sweden | Italy | Taiwan | Germany | Spain | Mexico | Vietnam | Nepal | Indonesia | Canada