Mantra Meditation

In Sanskrit, the word "Mantra" implies – ‘a liberator of mind’.A mantra is composed of potent sound syllables that are capable of influencing the human system both physically and spiritually. Many seed letters and terms or phrases that can be recited incantatory are available for chanting. Among these, 'Aum', 'Hreem', 'Shreem' 'Kleem' etc., are seed letters. These are invested with great powers. An articulation of a word generates special kind of sound waves and vibrations, which influence our mind. Mantra plays an important role in Preksha Meditation.

Why Mantra Meditation
  • The human mind is inherently unstable. It does not concentrate on one point for a long time. The chanting of mantra is an easy and effective tool for making the mind focused on one object and achieving better concentrations.
  • Mantras help break our unconscious and subconscious thought and desire patterns, which keep us in bondage to past conditioning. The seed mantra is a thought force and generates energy.Our subconscious is restructured by the energy of the mantra.
  • Mantra can create a protective shield for a practitioner which helps him to pursue meditation for longer durations.
  • Mantras are important tool for clearing and cleansing the mind.
  • Development of inner power
  • Self-purification.
How it works
  • The Vibrations of sound produces by a person influences both the person and the space. When the practitioner of Mantra pronounces the mantra, the vibration of sound influences the gross body, especially the spinal cord and the neurons of brain. Intensity of sound vibrations increases and along with it they influence the subtle body. This way through Mantra meditation, one gets free from diseases, brings transformation in behavior and attitude and develops inner power.
  • The sound vibrations get amplified with the help of vital energy and strength of consciousness of the practitioner, creating the frequency of sound waves for mantra far beyond the limits of ultrasonic and supersonic vibrations.
  • The human brain is made up of interconnected neurons. When we think, each neurons form a strong path known as memory. When we read a book number of times, we remember most of the topics and can recall them because we strengthen these pathways and create memory. When a mantra is chanted number of times, it strengthens certain pathways, giving powers.
  • Chanting of mantras is of three types characterized by high voiced, low voiced and silent chanting which are classified as
  • Chanting
  • Chanting mentally
  • The process constitutes an effort to migrate from the gross to the subtle. Gross sounds produce gross vibrations and subtle sounds produce subtle vibrations. Subtle vibrations are far more powerful than the gross ones.
  • In the initial stages, in bringing about a change, gross vibrations play key role. However, in order to achieve higher levels of change and in advancedstages of meditation, it is essential to be able to move towards the subtle vibrations. In the subtle stages, the distance between the meaning and the words disappear. At this stage, language and thought get closer to each other and become indistinguishable.
  • To have better concentration during Mantra meditation, various psychic centers are used. Along with it colors are also used.
  • We can also synchronize breathing with Mantra.

For the chanting of mantra to be effective and fruitful, it is essential that recitation be done diligently and systematically in a correct manner. Wrong pronunciation of words, lack of mental concentration during chanting, and too fast or too lethargically performed chanting are some of the major obstacles in realizing the benefits of this technique.

Sample Mantra Recitation

There are a number of mantras that have been successfully applied during Preksha Meditation training programs. For example, 'Arham ' and 'AumHreem Arham Namah' are the common ones. The technique of recitation of the mantra AumHreemArhamNamah is as follows:

  • While reciting the word 'Aum', concentrate the mind on the tip of the nose, the center of vital energy. Try to perceive the mantra Aum on this center.
  • Then shift your attention to the middle of the eyebrows, the center of intuition , and perceive the mantra 'Hreem there.
  • Now focus your total attention on the middle of the forehead, the center of enlightenment and visualize the mantra Arham.
  • Towards the end, focus your concentration on the front part of the head, the center of peace and perceive the mantra 'Namah' here.
  • Improves concentration
  • Cure diseases if used with right technique, for example as described in Preksha Therapy
  • Brings transformation in behavior and habits
  • Increases inner power

Specific Mantra have specific benefits associated with them.

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