Preksha Vahini - A devoted channel to boost the pathway of Preksha meditation

Preksha Vahini is a group of people, who wish to lead a spiritual and blissful life by practicing Preksha Meditation. Preksha Vahini operates through its branches present in various cities and towns. Anyone interested in Preksha Meditation can join Preksha Vahini in his/her local town.

  • Growth of spirituality by spreading the message of Preksha Meditation
  • Strengthen the network of Preksha Meditation
  • To Develop Spiritual Personality
  • To establish the network of Preksha Meditation
  • To Create a Trained and Dedicated force, that will help to spread Preksha Meditation all over the world
Major Activities at branch level:
  • Regular Preksha Meditation classes, once in every month
  • Preksha Meditation workshops once in every three months
  • Sharing information about Preksha Meditation with others
  • Help others in learning Preksha Meditation
  • Inspire people for Preksha meditation and joining Preksha Vahini group
Director Community:

Preksha Vahini is centrally managed by a Director community nominated by Preksha Foundation.

Responsibilities of Director Community:
  • To nominate a Coordinator for every branch in January every year
  • To send information and instructions to every branch periodically
  • To motivate every branch of Preksha Vahini to run the programs appropriately and take their reports and feedbacks

There will be one coordinator for each branch for facilitating Preksha Vahini activities for that branch

Responsibilities of Coordinator:
  • Manage the Preksha Vahini properly in his area
  • Organize Preksha Meditation class every month
  • Make effort to increase the membership of Preksha Vahini
  • Nominate a Joint-coordinator among every 10 members of Preksha Vahini
  • Communicate with every Joint-coordinator on regular basis
  • Motivate every Joint-coordinator/Member for the work of Preksha Vahini and take their reports and feedbacks
  • Execute the work given by Director Community
Responsibilities of Joint-coordinator:
  • Assist the Coordinator to manage Preksha Vahini properly
  • Make true efforts to increase the membership of Preksha Vahini
  • Send information to every member of his group
  • Make sure that every member of his group attends the Class
  • Execute the work given by Coordinator
Member Eligibility:
  • One who has interest in Preksha Meditation
  • One who wants to be spiritual
  • One who is minimum of 16 years old
  • Preksha Kit will be send after receiving the registration fee Rs.100 + Annual membership fee of Rs.100
  • Every member will get a unique enrolment I.D
  • Every member will contribute Rs.100 annually to Preksha Foundation for the work of Preksha Meditation
  • In case a member is absent for three continuous sessions in Preksha Meditation classes, new membership procedure will be applicable
  • Preksha Vahini Member will get Special Discount in camps organized by Preksha International
  • Attend Preksha Meditation class and programme of Preksha Vahini every month
  • Make efforts to spread the message of Preksha Meditation
  • Make efforts to increase the membership of Preksha Vahini
  • Devote time to Practice Preksha Meditation Daily
  • Support Coordinator / Joint-coordinator for the work of Preksha as needed

There are no designations in the group. Everybody is equal and a practitioner of spiritual path Coordinator / Joint-coordinator are only to execute the duties and responsibilities

Class of Preksha Vahini:

Generally 1 hour Preksha Meditation class will be held on 1st Sunday of every month.

  • Preksha Song
  • Mangal Bhavana
  • Preksha Meditation
  • Preksha discourse
  • Information
  • Attendance
Points to Remember:
  • Banner of Preksha Vahini will be displayed in every class
  • Preferred dress code for class is white colour clothes
  • Membership Badge / ID card is compulsory for every attendee
  • There will be a scoring system for every member and Top scorer will be honored in annual function
Scoring method:
Presence in class +100 points
Absence in class -100 points
Recommendation of new member +100 bonus point
Recommended member’s presence in class +5 point for each member
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Founder Institution: Indian Yoga Association