Mental & Emotional Therapy

In this age of technology, industrialisation and overpopulation, we are constantly subjected to tremendous stresses and ten­sions. These, in turn, produce psychosomatic diseases like hyper­tension, insomnia, and various types of heart problems. In desperation, people take to drinking and dangerous drugs, which give temporary relief, but create more serious problems. The remedy does not lie in drugs or fantasy, but in the process of catharsis and development of the inherent powers. Preksha Therapy employs a holistic approach towards the mental, emotional, psychological and physical health.

Preksha Therapy is a process of catharsis, which purges out psychological distortions such as cruelty, hatred, retaliation etc. It is physio-psychotherapy to cure physical, mental and emotional sicknesses of the individuals. It is a proper and powerful therapy to annihilate the root causes of all social evils and disorders. Once the root causes of physical diseases, mental imbalances and emotional distortions are removed, there will emerge a state of unprecedented individual and social health. The Three Dimensions of Preksha are: i) Yoga ii) Meditation iii) Therapy. The main objective of Preksha Therapy is just not to acquire physical goodness but to acquire total 'psychical' goodness by eradicating all evil from one's thoughts, speech and action.

Mental & Emotional Problems
Asana: Tadasana, Naukasana
Pranayam: Mahapran Dhvani, Subtle Bhastrika(5 min)
  1. Kayotsarga in sleeping posture and Relaxation of Throat ( 20 min)
  2. Perception of Deep Breathing
  3. Perception of Alternative Breathing
  4. Perception of white color on whole body (10 min)
Contemplation: Contemplation of friendship and Tolerance (15 min)
Mantra: “Om Hrim Shrim Bhagvate Parshwanathaya Har Har Swaha” (10 min)
Mudra: Gyan Mudra, Surabhi Mudra, Surya Mudra, Sarvendriya Sanyam Mudra
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