Code of Conduct for Preksha Trainers

It is mandatory for all Preksha Trainers to follow code of conduct listed below:
  1. Practice Preksha Meditation for half an hour everyday or three hours per week.
  2. Work for spreading Preksha Meditation.
  3. Display picture of H.H.Acharya Mahapragyaji in all Preksha camps and workshops.
  4. Maintain uniformity of Preksha Meditation exercises and do not make changes in exercises.
  5. Do not conduct other systems' meditation exercises or therapies in Preksha camps and workshops.
  6. Do not criticize any meditation system, trainer, sect or religion.
  7. Keep regular contact with Preksha Foundation Head Office and Camp office.
  8. Regularly submit six monthly reports to Preksha Foundation Head office.
  9. Follow directions/instructions issued by Preksha Foundation from time to time.
  10. If you charge fees from Preksha Meditation students, donate five percent of the total amount charged to Preksha Foundation for development activities.
  11. Do not consume non-vegetarian foods, alcohol and other intoxicating substances (including smoking, pan masala, gutaka, etc).
  12. Wear specified dress and badge during Preksha camp/workshop.
  13. Subscribe to Preksha magazine so as to be aware of all communications in time.
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