Preksha Meditation Trainer Level-2

  1. All eligibility conditions of Preksha Trainer Level-1.
  2. Should have worked as Preksha Trainer Level-1 for at least one year. i.e. at least practised 200 hours Preksha Meditation in last 1 year and coached Preksha Meditation to others for 50 hours.
  3. Should have completed Level-2 training of one month.
  1. Theory: Detailed theoritical knowledge (philosophical, scientific basis) of eight constituents and four associate constituents of Preksha Meditation.
    Preliminary knowledge of physiology and anatomy in context of Preksha Meditation : Systems of the body, cells, Tissue and Organs, knowldege of main organs and their functions of following systems:
    • Respiratory System
    • Nervous System
    • Blood Circulation System
    • Digestion System
    • Endocrine System
  2. Practicals: Able to impart training of Perception of breathing, Perception of body, Perception of psychic centres, Perception of colours, Autosuggestion and Contemplation (Anupreksha).
    Yogic Kriyaen, Asan and Pranayam based on books:
    • Preksha Dhyan - Yogic Kriyaen
    • Preksha Dhyan - Asan, Pranayam
Eligibility for passing examination:
  1. Theory: 60% & above marks.
  2. Practical: 80% and above marks.
Responsibility after passing examination:
  1. Regular practice of Preksha Meditation.
  2. Study of Preksha Literature.
  3. Development of public speaking skills for conducting Preksha Meditation classes.
  4. Comparative study of other meditation systems.
  5. Participating in one Preksha camp ( of seven days and above) and two Preksha workshops as trainer.
  6. Giving ten days service every year as directed by Preksha Foundation.

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