Meditation Trainers - Senior Preksha Trainer Level

  1. All eligibility conditions of Preksha Trainer Level-2
  2. Able to conduct Preksha Meditation classes (Theory and Practical) independently.
  3. Should have given 10 days service every year as directed by Preksha Foundation.
  4. Should have participated as Trainer in 10 Preksha camps (each seven days and above) and 20 Preksha workshops.
  5. Ten years experience as Preksha Trainer Level 1 and 2 (together).
  6. Regular practioner of Preksha Meditation.
  1. Comparative study of other meditation systems.
  2. Deeper practice of Preksha Meditation.
Eligibility for passing examination:
  1. Theory: 75% & above marks.
  2. Practical: 90% and above marks.
Responsibility after passing examination:
  1. Deeper practice of Preksha Meditation
  2. Give training in at least two Preksha c every year amps and ten workshops every year
  3. Give 30-days service every year as directed by Preksha Foundation

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