Become a Trainer: Raise your consciousness to heights & Spread its light!

Today humanity is in dire need of silence, health, a tension-free life. Mankind desperately hankers for some peace and a little space in life in order to become creative, positive and successful. So, though our goal is Self-realization, we must not forget to share the benefits of meditation with others who are spiritually inclined and also with those who are not.

The need and demand for meditation instruction in the workplace, home, fitness center, health organization, spiritual gathering, and many other places is growing exponentially. Whether the student seeks relaxation, stress relief, pain management or enlightenment, the quality and depth of the instructor’s understanding and expertise is vital. It has been said that if you truly want to learn something, learn to teach it. Preksha Practitioners, you have reaped the benefits of meditation. Now you want to share this life changing scientific practices with others, so you decide to become a teacher of meditation. How do you do it?

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Preksha Trainer Certification program offers a highly interactive and effective way of deepening your personal practice and learning how to teach meditation to others. This program is designed to help you become a master meditator and raise your level of consciousness, and also, to teach you how to help others do the same. There are four levels of Preksha Trainers:

Training Level:

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